Adoption Fundraiser At The Bryan House

Photographed by Stephanie Rios

Amanda & Anthony Kroeker have been longtime family friends of ours, and for years they’ve talked about adopting a child. This year (2018) is hopefully going to be the year that they do so. In January they began planning to figure out what it would take to adopt a little boy/girl. They made the commitment, and began alerting family and friends.

The adoption process is unfortunately a long one. It requires a lot of time and certainly a lot of money. Amanda & Anthony are dedicated, so one of the first things they setup was an adoption auction that would take place at the Bryan House in Mission, TX.

The Bryan House

When Amanda asked if I could photograph the event, I immediately said of course! The event was a hybrid of a farmer’s market and an auction. Lots of people showed up, and my family had a blast. While I was there to take photos, I was also a guest and enjoyed speaking to many of the booth owners who are personal friends. And of course the Bryan House helped set the mood of the event in a way that only the Bryan House can.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos from the event, you might even see a glimpse of my little one.

You Can Help Too

Lastly, If you’d be interested in supporting the Kroekers, then please consider donating to their gofundme. I love this family, and I’m so happy for them. I can’t wait to meet their newest addition soon!