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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's make it easy!

Below is a list of questions that I get asked all the time!
If you have further questions, please reach out!
Do you require a deposit?
We require a 33% non-refundable deposit of your grand total to reserve and lock in your date.
How do payments work?
Once the initial payment has been made, the remainder of your balance is broken up into monthly payments leading up to your wedding day.
Can I add or remove hours?
All of our packages are totally customizable to fit your exact needs. A phone consultation is typically required to discuss your plans and budget. 
What time do you start on the wedding day?
Once we have a more clear and concrete timeline of your day, we can discuss our time together and what will work best for YOU!
How many photos will I receive, and are they all edited?
The total amount of images you receive varies. It depends on the amount of time I am hired for, what package you decide to move forward with. But yes! All of the images we deliver to you are full-resolution and fully edited.
Do you offer boudoir sessions?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. BUT, I can reccommend you to someone that does.
When would we schedule the engagement session, and what options do we have for the location?
Your engagement session is usually scheduled 6-7 months prior to your wedding day. Plenty of time for your save-the-dates! In the case that it doesn't work for you, quite frankly your engagement session can happen anytime before the day. We can plan around seasons, your work schedule, etc.

As far as location options, we'd carefully plan your wants/vision and pin point what matches the best! We have a locations guide we can provide to help you.
How many photographers will be at my wedding?
As of now, it's just one. Yours truly! Not to worry though, I have worked the majority of my weddings solo and have successfully done so! I'd love to send you a final gallery so you can see what yours might end up looking like!

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